What's so special about me?


I am a physiotherapist, farmer’s wife and mom of two little kids. In short (which I also am) there isn’t anything particularly special about me. Then again, I guess that's kind of the point. Anything I can do- You can do better! With Number Two's 1st birthday fast approaching I realized I was still a LOOOONG way off my pre-pregnancy body (which was nothing to write home about to begin with) and decided to start running. Ok, not just to start running, but to embark on a journey to transform myself from couch potato to marathon runner in a year.

It has been three years and two children since I last did any running. Aside from a total brain fart that resulted in me doing a half ironman I had always run in an attempt to keep fit but never more than a few kilometers and never very consistently. After so long out of action and carrying a solid 10kgs of left over baby weight (sidebar: my baby is now NINE months old- how long can I keep calling this “baby weight”? When do I have to just accept it as my own?!) I truly fit the description of a couch potato. But at least I’m an ambitious (see; delusional) one!

I remember a lecturer taking a poll in our physio class once to establish who had broken bones and suffered various other injuries. She looked very disappointed when so few of us had and told us that if we really wanted to be great physios we needed to expose ourselves to different sports and activities, get injured, get rehabilitated and get to learn those injuries from the patient’s perspective. I suppose you could say she was telling us to “walk a mile” in our patients shoes. Well, this year I’ve decided to try to run 26 miles in my patient’s shoes instead!

My goal is not only to see if I can cross the finish line after running 42km, but also to conduct it as an experiment in injury prevention as one increases their mileage from a standing start, to marathon distance. 

Will I even get to the start line of a marathon? Who really knows? What I do know it that it is really about the journey, not the destination.

So, please join me on this journey and see if some of the training and rehab I do as various niggles come up can help you to take your own running to the next level. Armed with Winston Churchill’s definition that failure is "the absence of effort”, I feel confident that no matter what the outcome of this process, I can’t fail.

Wish me luck!

Mama on the Run