A pain in the butt


After the Mandela day 10km run it was back to the drawing board for me: walking to try to keep the blood moving through my injured limbs, stretching and releasing muscle spasm as best I could around my hip.

Physio treatments went a long way towards unlocking the spasm, but I would do one awkward movement- trip over baby in walking ring, or lurch forward to stop baby from face-planting, again! - that would send a sharp stabbing pain into my groin and leave me limping for the rest of the day.

I realised early on that only intense strengthening of the stabilisers around my hip joint would help to protect it and prevent me constantly re-injuring it. Contrary to my suspicions it turns out my butt is, in fact, a muscle - what a relief! And getting it working again was going to be the key to overcoming this injury.

My rehabilitation program consisted of a lot of basic pilates mat work, activating deep abdominals and then slowly adding controlled hip movements while maintaining stability across the pelvis. As the pain decreased I was able to add specific glut (butt) muscle strengthening which helped to inhibit my overactive hip flexor and return some stability to the joint.

After a few days I realised that running wasn’t too much worse than walking so I decided to run through my injury and treat and rehabilitate it as I went. After two weeks the hip felt much better and my running was back on track. I upgraded myself to the "21K runner" app. (Confession, I only got about half way through the 10K one because I was a bit late to the party. Remember, do as I say, not as I do!) So I set my sights on conquering the next challenge, a half marathon.

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I would love to know what injuries are hampering your running progress? I have seen a lot of people lately who are struggling with their hip flexors. If you are too, I would be very suspicious of its partner in crime, your butt!

Mama on the Run