I can't feel my face... but I love it!


I'm kidding of course. That's just a catchy song title.

So, my journey to younger looking skin as I trialed the Environ Focus Care Youth+ range has come to an end.

Do I feel any younger? No. (But then I got very little sleep last night thanks to a teething baby so that could have something to do with it!)

Here the culprit is in a little "behind the scenes" shot of my flatly. He was paid in Nutticrusts.

Here the culprit is in a little "behind the scenes" shot of my flatly. He was paid in Nutticrusts.

Does my skin feel softer and better hydrated? Absolutely! 

I have really enjoyed using these products during the course of the trial. The Masque, while a little tingly and uncomfortable at first, works well at removing the uppermost layers of rough skin and my skin quickly adapted to it.

I loved using the hydrating oil capsules after removing the masque. At first I thought it seemed too greasy and was worried it would lead to a break out. But my skin quickly lapped up the moisture it had probably been desperate for, and felt great after application.

Strangely enough – and quite outside of the deliverables of the trial – one of the things I enjoyed most about this experience was taking the time to apply a masque, soak in the bath while it worked for 20 - 30 minutes, and then gently massage in the hydrating oil. It felt so good to be spending some time prioritizing myself, and my skin care.

I recently wrote about mom guilt and how it feels selfish or counterintuitive to spend time on ourselves, but I am realizing the importance of doing just that. 

As a physiotherapist I’m a big believer in prevention being more effective than cure and I think the same applies to our skin. While I considered holding out to see if Environ would launch a “Broke+” range (now THAT is something I could really get behind!) I have realized that the right products should be seen as an investment into healthier and more beautiful skin as one ages.

Big thanks go to Environ and Beauty Bulletin for including me in this trial, which was such a cool experience. And thanks too to the lovely CGS creative for getting me involved.


Final thanks to my little lady for regular (and very generous) masque application.

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