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As usual I am late to the party and have only recently started following @Candibod. For those of you who don’t (although there are already 30K of you that do), she’s someone worth following. She’s motivational, informative and working flipping hard at something she’s passionate about; a healthy and active lifestyle.

Candibod recently shared a post about her morning routine which went a little (exactly) like this; 


There’s so much to appreciate in this post but my first thought was how it shed a very harsh light on my own morning routine. So, I have sub-titled this post,

“A few of the subtle ways my morning routine differs to that of Candibod”.

Moms of young kids, you may relate.

Note the throw up…

Note the throw up…

My morning routine:

5am: My one-year-old’s internal alarm clock goes off. There is no snoozing that one! Also, my husband is a dairy farmer so no “good morning” cuddles for me.

5.01am: Give baby his bottle, in the lounge, before he wakes the three-year-old. Scroll social media to feel connected to the adult world- and so the early hour doesn’t seem so lonely.

5.30am: Three-year-old joins the party. Not a morning person. I make her tea and try to stop one-year-old from emptying every kitchen cupboard he can reach.

6am: Feed the one-year-old his cereal. His love of food is matched only by his love of new-found mobility. By the end of the meal he’s consumed about half the bowl. The rest covers his face from chin to hairline (“There’s Something about Mary” style) and is spread over various items of furniture in the lounge.

6.15am: Someone has a bowel movement. (Usually the one year old.) He assumes the nappy changing position on his compactum. (For those of you unfamiliar with the pose it is essentially one shoulder and one side of the head in contact with the change mat while the rest of him is contorted and suspended in mid air with me hanging onto his feet to try to prevent this turning into a more literal sh*t-show.)

6.30am: Three-year-old announces that she needs a wee. (Potty training has been a battle so this evokes an emergency response.) After a mad rush to the loo things slow to the pace of continental drift as she attempts to remove her pjs “by her own self”. Finally we are on the loo and perusing the sticker book for one to put on the chart (I am only slightly concerned that I am training a Pavlovian response that will see my child wee at the sight of a sticker). 

7am: One-year-old is already exhausted (he’s not the only one) and goes down for a sleep.

7.15am: Head through to the office and attempt to work while delegating menial tasks to the three-year-old so she feels involved.

8.15am: Dairy farmer arrives home and we sit down to breakfast.

8.16am: One-year-old wakes up, obviously. 

9am: Farmer heads off for work and I’m just about ready to climb back into bed when I realise I still have a full working day to face myself.

So, there it is. It’s not perfect, but its mine. In all the hysteria it’s not lost on me how lucky I am. And while I yearn for the peace and tranquility of CandiBod’s morning routine, I wouldn’t trade mine. While we are obviously in very different phases of our lives there are some elements of her routine I believe I can steal. Here are three changes I plan to make this year to start my days on the right note:


1. I love the idea of not connecting with the outside world at all before 9am, especially social media apps that can be real time wasters and keep us glued to our phones. So I will now leave mine on charge next to the bed.

2. I love the sense of satisfaction that comes with having done your exercise early in the day. While I can’t run during this time I’d like to commit to doing some of my cross-training and rehab first thing- even if it means I have to do it with a baby on top of me.

3. I’m determined to read more this year so, with my phone now out of reach, I’ll read on my kindle instead, even if its just a few pages, while the one-year-old has his bottle.

What can you tweek in your morning routine to give yourself the gift of a better morning?


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