Will you Parry Me?


I have been a bit quiet of late as to where I’m at in my couch-to-marathon transformation. Thing is, I spent so long basking in my post-21K glory I nearly ended up back on the couch! (Ok, that was just for dramatic effect, but I did dial back the running a bit.)

I took a solid week off and then started up again but slowly, and with lanced and strapped big toes.  As I contemplated the next hurdle – my marathon attempt – I decided to get some more personal professional input and signed up for the new Coach Parry online training platform. So Far, from the technical support in setting up your profile to the user experience of the app, it has been great. The online platform gives you access to all of coach Parry’s programs. You can select which distance you are aiming to run and your target time/pace, etc. There are also programs for cycling, triathlon, strength cross training and more.

I selected a beginner Marathon program aiming for a sub 4.50 finish. I then chose a beginner, twice weekly strength program (at the advice of one of the coaches) and overlaid that with the running program on my schedule (because you can do that- how cool?). 

Once you have chosen your program it loads on your schedule in the app so you can clearly see run days, rest days etc. On the website you can drag and drop sessions to fit in with when you are actually going to be able to do them. Each session has a detailed description about what the run should feel like and your target pace. The app also links with your Strava or fitness device to automatically sync your workouts and show your planned vs actual times.

You may have noticed a theme running through my journey so far: the fact that I really just like to be told what to do. I like having my training plan dictated to me. I like to just plod through it and tick runs off as I go. This app is great for that.

Tune in later in the week for my Q&A with Brad Brown, Head of IT and all things technical at Coach Parry, to find out a bit more about the new online platform. 

For now, I gotta run,