Fatties Anonymous

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The struggle is real

I worked hard after my first pregnancy to lose the baby weight, all the while acutely aware of the fact that I was signing up for my body to go to hell all over again by falling pregnant with number two. Loosing weight in between pregnancies really does feel quite futile at times but I still think its important to try to get your body fit and strong again before you subject it to another pregnancy. Especially when those pregnancies are as rough as mine are.



I couldn’t tell you if it was a “second baby” thing or a “dirty thirty” thing but my word, it was infinitely harder to lose the weight second time around. I’m sick as a dog during pregnancy so I actually picked up more weight after having my baby bizarrely enough. The reason for this is likely two fold: Firstly, I was eating my feelings, and secondly I was battling “burn out”, a side effect of which is weight gain at a hormonal level.


A kick up the butt

A very sheepish group message from a friend turned out to be exactly the kick up the butt I needed to get my weight back on track. The day started just like any other, when suddenly my phone pinged to say I had been added to a group called “possible challenge”. A friend, also looking to make some changes in her life, had added a few of us to the group to see if we would be keen to join a weight loss and fitness challenge. I teased her that she had signed me up for Fatties Anonymous – and the name stuck.

(I should mention that I question the motives of the above-mentioned friend as she is actually in bloody fabulous shape and is so disciplined that she beat us by a country mile and took our money. I suspect she possibly runs a “fat person outreach program”, choosing a new set of victims every few months. Or at least, she could make some serious bucks if she did! I yearn to have the level of self-discipline that this machine-mama has!)



Challenge accepted

And so, Fatties Anonymous was born. A group of four ladies on a quest to become fit and fabulous. We got points for weight lost as well as exercises logged. We sent our exercise schedule and a picture of the scale through each week and got a breakdown of the leaderboard. And we had weekly challenges to score bonus points like drinking 2 litres of water and completing additional ab and arm strengthening, etc.

The challenge lasted eight weeks and the four of us lost a total of nearly 20kgs! I personally lost 8% of my body weight.

My advice

If you find yourself in a similar position, my advice to you is this: find your tribe. Reach out to friends who will challenge, motivate and encourage you. It goes without saying that you have to pick your target market quite carefully. You need to know the person well enough to know they wont take offense to a message that essentially says, “Hey listen, I noticed your are also fat and so…”


Having a group of people that you are accountable to makes the world of difference in keeping you motivated and disciplined. And having a little dough up for grabs also never hurt anyone.


Do it for YOU

Do it for no other reason than the difference it makes to your own self-image and to your happiness. I encourage you to work hard and try to find a glimpse of your pre-children body through the flab, cellulite and stretch marks. Granted your body will likely never be the same but the more important thing here is renewed self-confidence and the sense of achievement that comes with shifting a few kilograms.