Losing the baby weight

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Peer pressure

The time had come to try to ditch the mom-bod. As I may have mentioned before, I am a total sucker for peer pressure. I battle with self-discipline when it comes to my eating habits. The most effective way for me to lose weight would probably be for me to be subjected to a public weighing in the town square where people could point, laugh and throw things if I didn’t achieve my weight loss goals. 

Fatties Anonymous” was a great solution to this problem. Ok, we didn’t point and laugh, we were actually very encouraging of each other; but knowing I needed to send a picture of the scale each week helped to keep me on track and to keep me motivated.


How I started shifting the weight

I didn’t follow a specific diet but tried to increase my water intake, decrease refined carbs and keep an eye on portion control. While I started my running journey at the same time, that actually didn’t help me to shift the weight. I can be fit and still be fat – in fact, it’s my happy place. For me, diet plays the biggest role in what my weight is doing.

I plodded along losing weight slowly (and hopefully, sustainably) but what really kicked my weight loss into a higher gear was dropping dinner for a smoothie with a scoop of protein shake mixed in. While I realize this may not have been the wisest long-term health decision, I saw this as a means to and end. And it has been really effective.

Hitting the plateau

After dropping most of the weight I had to lose (just over 10kgs) I tried to push through with my limited calorie intake so as to get rid of the last few kilograms: but my weight loss seemed to plateau. Around the same time I started to increase my running to 20 and 30K at the weekend. I realised it was not fair to ask my body to tackle those distances without giving it the fuel it needed. 

I got into the unhealthy habit of starving myself one day and then smashing a burger and a beer, feeling totally justified in doing so, after a long run. (I wish the good habits were as quickly and effortlessly acquired as the bad ones!) I realized that this was not healthy, and not sustainable.

For this reason I decided to hit pause on the weight loss side of things and to shift my focus onto optimizing my overall health. I am hoping that achieving my goal weight will be a longer-term side effect of making better lifestyle choices in general.


Changing gear

I want to nourish my body with the food I eat so that;

-      it can take me on long runs

-      so that my immunity isn’t in the toilet and I don’t get sick every time my kid comes home with a snotty nose

-      so that it looks good not just on the outside, but from the inside too 

-      so that I am looking after my organs and promoting health, wellness and longevity into the future.

I have partnered up with an international household name in the nutrition industry to work on a complete detox program that will reboot of my overall health and wellness. Any guesses who this is?

Health promotion is something I am really passionate about. I can’t wait to share this journey with you. And I hope that some of you will join me so that we can encourage each other and celebrate each other’s victories. More info coming soon. Sign up to the newsletter if you want to inside scoop!

Mama on the Run