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Once upon a time…

A young and naïve UCT physiotherapy grad (go Ikeys!) was required to complete her “zuma year” of community service in a government hospital. She was placed in rural KZN in a town whose name she couldn’t even spell and where she didn’t know a soul.

Towards the end of that year she met, and later married, her prince (see; dairy farmer) and the rest is history! She became a farmer’s wife and started her own physiotherapy practice in the area. All was going well until pregnancy hit like a ton and bricks and brought her career and, lets be frank, her LIFE to a grinding halt! 

Two kids and a whole lot of personal stress later, she turned into a pumpkin and found herself on the couch of a friend and psychologist in a state of total burn out and at her wits end. This is the part they don’t tell you about in most fairy tales. She was encouraged to start making some time for exercise as a way of managing her stress which set her on a running journey. She decided to share that jounery, and her life, with others in the hopes that she could be of some encouragement and support to other mamas who found themselves in a similar position. 


Bronwyn graduated with a B.Hons Physiotherapy from UCT in 2009 and shortly thereafter was placed at Christ the King hospital in Ixopo for community service.

In 2011 she started work in private practice in Westville while completing a year long post graduate specialisation in Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy.

She continued work in private practice in both an out patient setting and treating inpatients at Hillcrest Private hospital until moving to the farm in 2013 when she started her own practice in Underberg and a second, in partnership with a colleague, in Ixopo.

She continues to practice from her home in Donnybrook.