I’m Bronwyn, the voice behind Mama on the Run. I am a physiotherapist, farmers wife, mom of two and running enthusiast.

I am passionate about health and fitness... but also very sleep deprived.

 I am fascinated by the human body... but also horrified by the state of mine two kids later.

Mama on the Run is essentially just my documentation of the happy chaos that is my life. Join me on my journey of self improvement as I navigate the turbulent waters of motherhood while trying not to lose the person I was before it all. 

Follow my progress (or lack thereof) as I take my running from couch potato status to marathon and ultra-marathon adventures. As a physio I am in awe of the human body and how much it can achieve when we are brave enough to ask it to. My goal is to encourage and inspire my followers to pursue their own running goals while sharing my tips for injury prevention and management as I go through the process of increasing my own mileage.